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this is my cosplay sideblog where I reblog/post all of my convention pictures. If you want me to tag you in my pictures or if you want me to individually post a picture or photoset of pictures I took with you in it please don't be afraid to ask!
I attend AWA and Momocon every year, and I went to Otakon 2013 so don't be afraid to ask if I have a pic of you!
also there's a link to my main blog if you want to follow that ^^


DAVE: if i never see you again i just wanted you to know 
DAVE: its been real man 
DAVE: you were always there for me 
DAVE: you shared my darkest hours 
DAVE: my deepest secrets 
DAVE: and ill never fucking forget it 


At long last, I got to get a shoot with my favorite Mayor ever! We first wanted to get a shoot as these two at Holiday Matsuri around a year ago, but we had to postpone it until this past Anime Weekend Atlanta!

This may be one photoset of many. We’ll see.

Dave | Wayward Vagabond | Photographer

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Second batch of MomoCon pics! For more, check out AyaneMatrix Designs on Facebook and on Flickr!

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Thank you everyone who came! It was awesome!


Thank you everyone who came! It was awesome!

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misc fandom cosplays that were hella tight

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hey guys!

I seem to have run into a small problem with uploading my convention pictures; the USB drives on my laptop no longer work so I can’t connect my camera to it and my desktop refuses to connect to the internet. So right now my pictures are uploaded to my desktop, I just have to find a USB drive and a computer where I can upload the pictures.

I’m working on finding a solution so I can finally post my pictures, I’m so sorry everyone!

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These were my cosplays at AWA last weekend! I was 90% of the time at the AkaiCon booth

Full roster:

Friday: Woody (Toy Story) and Kim Possible (only KP with Rufus, the grappling hook hairdryer and a Kimmunicator)

Saturday: Megara (Hercules) Seriously, I was not hard to miss with that wig.

Sunday: Dark Tournament Kurama (YYH) (Not pictured but it was the white suit with all of the Makeup of Chains painted on it.)

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No one on tumblr

Absolutely no one

No one saw the freaking bedsheet ghost on Friday? With the 2 spooky sign? I WAS INTERVIEWED AS THE FRICKIN GHOST

No one saw me as Cuba on Saturday at the Hetalia photoshoot? The last picture of the shoot was of me and a Fem Canada.

No one saw me as Cryaotic/SupGuy saturday afternoon/evening? THE ONLY PICTURE I SAW WAS OF ME AND CINNAMONTOASTKEN HE PUT ON HIS TWITTER???

And no one saw me as the Bedroom intruder guy/Antoine Dodson on sunday? I mean, I barely made it onto ZUN’s twitter in a mass picture he and everyone took at the Sayonara AWA panel? (Black girl, bottom right)

I mean gosh they wern’t great cosplays but they were unique and memorable??

I just want pictures please ;;;;;

I took your picture!!!!!! I can’t upload my pics until tomorrow though so just make sure to check!!!

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Anime Weekend Atlanta, 2013.  Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood

If you see yourself, let me know!

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